The Public Works Department is responsible for the provision of sanitation services and maintenance of the Town's parks and other public grounds. The sanitation services include the collection of household garbage, recyclable materials, yard trash and bulk items. If you are a new resident please contact the Town of Springdale to obtain a Sanitation Services Agreement, linked below. Curbside household garbage is collected on Mondays, recyclable materials are collected on Tuesdays and yard waste is collected on Wednesdays, all are funded through property tax revenues. Containers should be placed for collection no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. The only residential sanitation services that require additional fees are the collection of bulk items and excessive amounts of yard trash. 

Below you will find links to our sanitation services guidelines, recycling guide and new service agreement form.

Most of these items not picked up by Springdale are accepted by Lexington County at special recycling collection events. 2019 Lexington County Recycling Drop-Off Event Schedule

Construction/renovation debris generated by the homeowner or a contractor, will not be disposed of by the Town of Springdale. 

Please ensure that medical/biological waste is properly disposed of in sealed bags or containers, this includes needles, they should be in a sealed container and placed in household garbage only.

Collection Schedule

Household garbage is collected on Monday, recyclable materials are collected on Tuesday and yard trash is collected on Wednesday.  Bulk items, such as furniture and items approved of by the Town of Springdale are typically picked up on Wednesday or Thursday. Please also note that these days may change for holidays. Please see our holiday schedule here.

If you are placing large piles of yard debris on the curb, please neatly stack them away from any overhead obstructions such as, trees or power lines. The piles should also be out in the open, away from signs, mailboxes, fencing or other objects. Our grapple truck is used to pick up these larges piles and it needs plenty of space to operate. Thanks for your cooperation. Large debris piles left by landscaping, land clearing or similar businesses will not be picked up by the Town of Springdale.

2019 Lexington County Recycling Event Schedule 

2019 Lexington County Recycling Drop-Off Event Schedule


All businesses in Springdale must contract with a private hauler for garbage collection. This includes businesses that are operated from residences. 

Please ensure that contractors, including landscapers, dispose of the waste that they produce.


Holiday Schedule

Road Work Requests

SCDOT maintains most roads around Springdale and Lexington County Public Works maintains those remaining. We report many issues to SCDOT for repair, but you can as well. Click on the link below to file a request.


The Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium (LCSC) was created when Springdale officials passed a resolution to join forces with Lexington County as well as other municipalities in the county to tackle storm water issues.The goal of the LCSC is to enhance water quality throughout the LCSC area through education, involvement and outreach; and by fostering partnerships with local governments, citizens, businesses and organizations to support healthy, fishable and swimmable waterways.

Stormwater Complaint Form

Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater Management

Important Links:

Lexington County Stormwater Department
Website Here

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)
Website Here

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Website Here



Please contact Springdale Town Hall at 803-794-0408 if you have any questions regarding Public Works' services.

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