The Investigation Division is responsible for investigating unresolved criminal incidents reported to the Springdale Police Department. This division also processes crime scenes, collects evidence, and processes/serves criminal warrants. They are responsible for sending missing person’s information to SLED to activate the Amber Alert System.

If you have been the victim of a crime and your case is under investigation and you have any questions concerning your case please call the Investigations Division at 803-737-1359 or e-mail:

Special Operations

In an attempt to ensure that we are offering the best services for the Town of Springdale, the Springdale Police Department has incorporated the use of specialized units such as the Community Relations Officer / Crime Prevention Officer, K-9, McGruff the crime dog, etc. The Springdale Police Department will continue to utilize units such as these and will continue to explore other specialized units to help protect our citizens.


The Community Relations Officer is responsible for building partnerships with the residents and business owners within the Town of Springdale. By building these partnerships the Community Relations Officer and the Springdale Police Department will be better prepared to keep the crime levels in Springdale low. The Community Relations Officer can help neighborhoods within the Town of Springdale develop a Crime Watch program. The Community Relations Officer will not run the Neighborhood Crime Watch, but will help get it started and attend meetings. During these meetings the Community Relations Officer can share information pertaining to Crime Prevention, current crime trends, Compstat Maps, etc.

The Community Relations Officer has also received training in the field of Crime Prevention. The Community Relations Officer can provide assessments of your residence and/or business to ensure that they are less appealing to criminals. If you are interested in having an assessment done at your residence or business please contact the Springdale Police Department at 803-796-3160. 

The Community Relations Officer also works very closely with McGruff the Crime Dog. McGruff is a Crime Prevention Icon that has played a significant role in reducing criminal activity and helping our children know how to avoid criminals. If you have an event where you would like to have McGruff present please contact the Springdale Police Department.

My 911 Program and the Vial of Life Program

My 911 is designed to assist emergency responders when responding to a call for service at your home, business or any other type of emergency that may occur. The My 911 Program provides emergency responders with critical information about you, your residence and family members to contact in emergency situations. In conjunction with the My 911 Program is the Vial for Life Program. This program will provide emergency responders with life saving medical information that is needed during an emergency situation. These programs are run through Lexington County and are used only by Lexington County Personnel in the event of an emergency.
 You may fill out this document online at or print and mail it to:

Lexington Communications Center

ATTN: My 911 

212 South Lake Dr, Suite B02

Lexington SC 29072


SC Department of Motor Vehicle Emergency Contact Form

The SC Department of Motor Vehicle has developed an Emergency Contact option that can be accessed by emergency responders in the event of an emergency. This information would provide emergency responders with an emergency point of contact that can be contacted by emergency personnel in a time when you may not be able to provide information. This information would not be available to the public. You may use the walk through form to help you set this up through the SC Department of Motor Vehicles website or you may visit your local DMV branch.

If there are any questions for any of these programs you may contact the Springdale Police Department at 803-796-3160.  


The Springdale Police Department employs a fully trained Police Dog. Bruce is a German Shepherd from the Czech Republic who the department utilizes for narcotics detection and tracking.  He is partnered with PFC Gantt and is named for renown fictional crime fighter Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. the Batman).