When you imagine southern hospitality, there are certain images that are sure to appear. From old friends sharing memories on the front porch over a glass of sweet tea, to friendly neighbors always willing to give a hand, and children at play in the parks, the Town of Springdale exudes all of the qualities that exemplify small town charm. While many communities may claim to provide the type of idyllic lifestyle found within the Town of Springdale, very few can back it up with facts. So what makes the Town of Springdale such an excellent place to call home?


The Town of Springdale offers a variety of recreational activities to provide fun and exercise for everyone.

Felton C. Benton Splash Pool & Park

2915 Platt Springs Road, Springdale, SC 29170

What better way to spend a hot summer day in South Carolina than with water and a few friends? At the Felton C. Benton Park, children can spend the dog days of summer staying cool in the always popular splash pool. “At the corner of Platt Springs and Lee is where you’ll find me!” has been a popular saying amongst the children of Springdale for nearly three decades. This park has been providing quality recreation for all the children of Springdale since soon after the incorporation of the town in 1955.

Springdale Park & Tennis Center

901 Sightler Drive, Springdale, SC 29170

If playing in the splash pool doesn’t suit, then perhaps a game of tennis will be better? At the Springdale Park & Tennis Center, there is sure to be a court available for individuals of all skill levels. Local residents have been known to give a free lesson a time or two as well.

Remember to keep children and yourself safe in the sun while enjoying time in our parks! Here's a guide for kids to learn about the dangers of sun exposure.


Dedicated teachers, engaged parents, and eager students are the three ingredients that set Springdale's schools a part from those found in other parts of the state. 

The Lexington Two School District operates three schools that serve the citizens of Springdale: Springdale Elementary School, R.H. Fulmer Middle School, and Airport High School. All three of these schools do an excellent job of educating the children of Springdale. However, that isn't the only benefit they provide. 

Whether taking in a football game at Airport, a play at Fulmer, or exercising in Cindy's Place at Springdale Elementary, the additional benefits provided to the town's residents are numerous. 


Cindy's Place Healthy Fitness Zone

 The Town of Springdale and Springdale Elementary School have partnered together to create a joint-use facility that will serve all of the citizens of the Town of Springdale. Community leaders were looking for a unique way to leverage existing resources and partnerships to battle a problem that is plaguing society: obesity. Cindy's Place Healthy Fitness Zone is an ambitious project that seeks to thwart obesity in residents young and old.

Scheduled to be completed in seven phases, Cindy's Place will provide an area that can serve the needs of the school and the Town of Springdale. Once completed, some of the amenities that the area will include are: exercise equipment, a disc golf course, and an amphitheatre. Additionally, there will be lighting located throughout so that the facility can accommodate individuals whose schedule may prevent them from exercising during the day.



The citizens of Springdale sure know how to throw a party!

National Night Out

Every year in early October, the Springdale Police Department hosts an exciting event in the Felton C. Benton Park. National Night Out is meant to strengthen the relationship between the community and the police department, and it sure is a whole lot of fun! Whether there is a DJ or live band, hot dogs or chili, bounce houses, dunking booths, or face painting, each and every year the Police Department manages to one-up themselves.